Wave is gone right after I received the service.

If your hair was very healthy condition, first time permanent wave service or you had not done any perm for more than one year, straight hair, or your hair is very thin or skinny, it's easier to be loose after each shampoo. In some cases, wave can be loose and gone within a few weeks. If wave was completely gone after first shampoo right after you received regular perm service, it is eligible to receive another perm at no charge.

Your maintenance at home is very important if you had digital perm, because the wave from digital perm is softer than the one from regular perm. You can not get the wave without your maintenance using the hair dryer. In this case, you can retrieve the wave depends on the way of your hair maintenance. If you could not retrieve the wave even if you tried hair styling using hair dryer, I would try another digital perm. However, we need to have consultation before the first service if your hair was damaged and too dry because it would be more damaged from the services.

I will have consultation with my client before the service to discuss if your hair is healthy enough to have perm or wave could be loose very quickly depends on your hair condition.

How long can I keep the permanent wave?

It's all depends on individual even though it's normal that digital perm could be kept 2 times longer than regular perm. Soft wave could be loose quicker but some people who have natural wave hair could keep it longer. Even some people with damaged hair sometimes could keep it long, but some people with damaged hair could loose it quickly. What I can say from my experience is that you could keep it for 1 to 2 months from one perm service, and you could keep softer wave hair after that. Hair normally grows a half inch every month. So it is natural that waved hair going down little by little and this is the part of reasons that you could keep a good conditioned waved hair for 1 to 2 months. I recommend having your hair trimmed one month after the perm service to keep better wave longer.

Would like to make my black dyed hair lighter.

I normally do not accept this request. Bleaching is necessary to remove black hair color before coloring with lighter color. Hair can not be lighter even lighter hair color is used on the black dyed hair. Even we try to dye your hair with same lighter hair color repeatedly; it just turns into different color. At this point, your hair is much damaged, and hair cut is the only way solution.

My recommendation is to have skinny bleach highlight. Even in this case, your effort of treatment and maintenance has to be promised. Otherwise, I am not able to accept this request.

Can perm or hair color damage my hair?

Perm can damage your hair little due to the chemical in it. I choose the best pre-treatment and the best perm products to be used on your hair. It is normal that you feel your hair is drier than before after the service. This is why your own hair maintenance at home is very important after receiving the perm service. You could keep your healthy hair with your good hair care at home. I would not recommend having perm if you do not want to see any damage on your hair at all.

Color can damage your hair also. It can damage more than perm and bleach can damage more than color. Therefore, more detailed hair maintenance at home is recommended. You could feel dried and damaged hair if you did not do anything after shampoo. It is necessary to use Tsubaki oil or hair treatment when you use hair dryer to avoid making your hair drier. (same as when you had perm) Hair styling products (i.e. Tsubaki oil) needs to be used after styling to coat your hair.

Do I lose my hair after perm or color?

You will not normally lose your hair because of perm or color. There is the rare case that your skin shows some allergic reaction (i.e. irritation) during the perm or color, and it sometimes cause losing hair, but perm or color itself do not cause hair loss. I would recommend not having shampoo for a few days after perm, if you feel you are losing your hair after perm. You might feel you are losing the hair when you have your first shampoo after perm because you will see the all loosen hair.

Wavy hair can get caught each other so it will not be dropped to the ground without shampoo. Loosen straight hair can be dropped to the ground by just wind or touching your hair by hands. At least approximately 100 hairs can be loosen a day naturally. When you had straight hair, it came off and dropped to the ground easily. This is why some people feel they're losing their hair more when they had perm.

Sometimes, damaged hair can be broken by chemicals. However, it usually doesn't happen but it could be happened with strong pressure by rubber bands several times on same part of hair. I only accept your request of perm after discussing about the possibilities of more damage or broken hair if your hair had already been damaged.


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