Experience in Japan

MIHO graduated FUKUOKA BEAUTY SCHOOL, where she not only developed and acquired all the necessary knowledge and experiences to become a great hair-stylist, she also established the most valuable close friendships, which continue and grow even stronger today serving as an emotional anchorage for her and also a trusted business advisory board. She is very proud of being a graduate of this school, however she never stop learning, and keeps advancing everyday to become a better hair stylist.

After graduation, she was accepted at "IZUMI BEAUTY SALON" in Omuta City, Kyusyu. Through the years of working at this salon, Miho learnt the reality of being a hair stylist is no nonsense world, and established her style of working ethic, which she embraces and values till this day. That is - Mastering foundation is the key, and constant curiosity sets the next goal. Only hard working will lead us to the success.

She then worked as an instructor of Wella Cosmetics at Kyubi-do of Fukuoka. She dedicated teaching of the technique in coloring and permanent waving, but more importantly she taught the importance of complete understanding of the fundamentals first because without it, there is no useful technique, nor service.

After a few years of teaching experience, she returned to be a hair stylist at "RAFAEL TOTAL BEAUTY SALON" of Fukuoka, which was, at that time, the first and the only total beauty salon established in Japan. She soon showed her talent in many categories, not only hair styling, but also facial and weight reduction, and quickly became a multi-talented beauty provider.

At "SOFIA NAKAMURA HAIR SALON" of Tokyo, which leads a big army, over 50 of them, she became a head chief stylist only within one and a half year since she started working as a hair stylist. As a natural leader, yet friendly team player, MIHO was enjoyed directing many juniors and interns. While she was working at this total beauty salon, she also acquired traditional technique of Japanese Hair Up style and KIMONO dressing.

She finally moved to Los Angeles after she served at La Paul Salon of Tokyo.

As a special technician and her good standing work evaluation in Japan, she was accepted and issued a permanent resident status, and started working at a busy Japanese American hair salon in Beverly Hills for a while. Then she became an independent freelance hair stylist, having her own private salon at "SALON REPUBLIC", formally known as CHESS & BURMAN SALONS in Century City, CA.

At her private salon, she now can provide her ideal service, which is one-on-one basis, totally customized and focused on each individual customer’s specific need. She also believes that the best service is supposed be done by one person from the beginning to the end, that includes shampooing, cut, perm, coloring, treatment, and set to complete. This is how much she cares about your hair and health.

Now she is pleased to provide the service she believes the best at her private salon, where the customer can just sit back and relax, and be happy at the end of every visit.

In addition, MIHO is constantly goes back to Japan to gather information of up-to-date Japanese beauty industry's new technology and products, as well as attending any major conventions and conferences in the US to be always well informed the latest information in beauty industry, in order to provide the best service to her customers.




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