In order to provide you a satisfactory result, MIHO will need to ask you a few questions in regarding to your desired style before start cutting. It would be a big help if you bring a picture of your desired hairstyle. Basic price for cut is same for different length of the hair, but there may be an additional fee applied for special finishing, such as hot iron styling. Please ask for full price before the process.


MIHO has three different color products available for your specific hair needs. One is WELLA, KOLESTON PERFECT, which has more color variation than others and it has ability to make color last longer. Second one is REDKEN SHADES-COLOR GLOSSES, no-ammonia formula base, no-lift, demi permanent hair color, which has ability to create beautiful, natural looking color, outstanding condition and shine. The third one is NATURTINT, Green-Technology Permanent Hair Colorant with Active natural & organically approved and certified Vegetable Ingredients. It's enriched with soy, corn, coconut and wheat extracts, and of course it has No ammonia, parabens nor resorcinol.

  • Retouch – MIHO will usually use one color. Price may vary depends on the type of the hair. If the retouching root is less than 1 inch, and you could come as often as once a few months, I can give you the same price for full coloring.
  • Full coloring – including first time gray hair coloring and changing hair color.

Price may vary depends on the condition of your hair because I may need to apply treatment product for protecting your hair health if full coloring required on highlighted or bleached hair.

* Coloring price doesn't include brow styling.

Highlight & Lowlight

Basically, MIHO uses streaking method with one color or bleach product. However, depends on your request, you may chose multiple colors or using color together with bleach product.

Half means the area of front half above your ears, though the price may vary depends on the method used for highlight.

Lowlight is useful for color collecting or gradation to model your hair by shading.

Digital Perm

It creates a big loose natural looking wave, which cold perm could never provided. Once you got this digital perm, you can create loose big wave or spiral wave by easy brow dry styling at home. On the other hand, this digital perm can't provide obvious wave or curl when it's wet. I recommend easy brow dry styling for perfect finish.

This is a revolutionary new perm method, making impossible possible in hair styling world. Moreover, it requires less chemical, thus it's very gentle to your hair.

Price includes haircut, yet it'll be the same without it. Please make sure to ask for a consultation with MIHO when you make an appointment.

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Permanent Wave

This is the cold perm, which can create strong curl.

It provides strong curl when your hair is wet. Use curler or brow dry setting to make a big wave or curly style.

This is a perfect solution, if you want to make it small curl or spiral wave without brow drying or curler setting. Please make sure asking for a consultation with MIHO first for the specialized perm.

The perm product will be selected either American or Japanese product upon your hair characteristics.

Price includes haircut, yet it'll be the same without it.

Japanese Straightening

If your hair doesn't have much volume, or is not so curly or wavy, the price is probably minimal for both long and short. Since it is hard to determine the price over the phone, please come in and consult with MIHO if you'd like to know the price prior to the appointment.

At MIHO's salon, she rather focuses on keeping the health and texture of your hair, than just making your hair straight, and she tries her best to avoid damage on your hair. Thus, your request of Japanese straightening might be turned down in case your hair is too damaged or bleached already.

MIHO uses products that are made in Japan.

Basic idea of Japanese Straightening


In case some problems occurred, such as your hair got flatten right after you had your hair permed, please contact MIHO for re-do within three days from the day you had your hair permed. There will be no charge for re-do perm if you make an appointment within ten days from the day of initial perm service was given. However, regular price will be charged in case you just want to change your hairstyle.

MIHO has a basic policy, "no re-do on straight perm" because it will damage your hair. However, she will straighten the area that was obviously not straightened at the initial service. Please schedule your visit within ten days from the day you had your hair straighten.

Conditioning Treatment

A. BeeHatsu Treatment

Active ingredients of the organic system, natural and biotechnology,Propolis and Hyaluronic acid. Shiny and natural texture last for 3 to 4 weeks.

B. Protein Treatment

Personalized protein rich treatment is applied to your hair then warm it up. It makes daily hair styling easier. It can be used in many different hair types.

Scalp Treatment

Hoyu Medi Look series is used for scalp cleansing. It's good for hair loss prevention, dandruff, itching scalp


Shampoo & Blow.

Shampoo & Set or Up style.

Bridal Hair

$100 per hour is added, if total service (including transfer and actualservice) time would be exceeded 3 hours.


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