Digital Styling

High Tech Styling System a.k.a. Digital Perm in Japan is now available here in Los Angeles.

  • Easy styling
  • Realization of shiny bouncy soft curl
  • Produce lasting curl
  • Can be performed for hair straightening and curl on hair tip

Regular perm can be loose easily on some area or wave can be rough because only chemical is used and heat from outside makes permanent wave. However, each rod heats hair from inside in Digital Styling. That makes beautiful curl without rough areas and big curl or loose wave can be last longer. Moreover, Digital Styling can produce curl on hair tip after hair straightening.

Style can be reproduced by hair dryer. You can make beautiful curl & wave style to dry your hair with hair dryer and playing hair with your fingers applying little Tuscan Oil or drying your hair with lightly massage. And you can make shiny bouncy curl like you just had iron set if you use the brush with hair dryer.

Your hair will never been dry all day if you apply Tuscan Oil one more time for finishing.

ODIS2 rod for digital styling which MIHO is using contains Tourmaline and produces negative ion, which is very gentle to hair and protects cuticles.

MIHO recommends having an initial consultation to discuss either Digital Styling or regular perm would work better for your hair condition and style.

Please report your hair condition and history when you contact MIHO (by self diagnosis)

  • How long is your hair?
  • Is your hair hard or soft?
  • Colored or bleached?
  • Level of damage?
  • How long ago did you dye your hair before even you are not dying any now.
  • Have you ever had regular perm or digital perm before? If so, when?
  • Any natural wave? How?
  • Do you have any large wave, small wave or any curl?
  • Does your hair become fuzzy when you use the hair dryer?
  • Does your hair oily and have large wave?
  • Amount of hair?

Please contact MIHO via email or phone after self hair diagnosis above for making appointment for consultation.


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