Basic idea of Japanese Straightening

  • There is always a possibility that you would still see some waves on your hair after one treatment for minimizing hair damage. In some cases, one treatment cannot straight your hair totally depends on your natural hair type. However, most of my clients are able to fix the problem like this situation with brushing using a hair dryer after shampoo.
  • My straightening technique can leave hair texture, which gives freedom of another hair styling other than straight style. (Other regular straightening techniques cannot give you the choice of hair styling after treatment)
  • If you would like to change to wavy hair or would like to have partial perm treatment, it's possible to have it again using MIHO's straightening technique and digital styling with minimum hair damage.


Many people believe that they can always (even after shampoo or waking up from the bed) keep their perfect hairstyles like the pictures on hair magazines or celebrities if they had straightening or perm treatment. Unfortunately, that's not the fact.

  • It's essential that you give some maintenance for your straight hair in the morning after you had Japanese straightening even it seems straight. Even people who have natural straight hair spend some their times to make their hair straight like shampoo or using hair dryer in the morning after leaving from the bed. You can see unwanted waves easily after waking up, ponytail, using hair clip or wearing hats. It's very important that you dry your hair with hair dryer and brushing same time after shampoo.
  • Again, daily maintenance is essential for hair that treated by Japanese straightening due to the damage by chemicals even it seems healthy. Chemicals might not work well next time when you try to have another Japanese straightening.

Of course, Japanese straightening helps making your maintenance time way shorter. It's only 5 or 10minutes of hair dryer use after shampoo.


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